Thursday, March 27, 2008

Finding time to think

What does a new typeface look like? Do you get distractions like that when you are trying to meditate, concentrate or other wise occupy your mind with the proper procedures involved in performing any task? Well then you've come to the right wandering blogpost.

I often catch myself at different points away from this desk doing any number of distracting things that seem to jump up out of my subconscious and into my conscious mind like the little alien residing in the head of very large body in the Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones sci fi comedy, MIB. That little alien, takes over my body and propels me with some idea or another to stop what I'm doing, (writing, yoga, meditating) and do something else.

It sounds silly but I would 'wake up' in the middle of say, washing dishes only to realize that I stopped doing something else to take up this task which then would send me toward the office, glance at the bathroom in passing and find myself wiping down the dirt in the sink just as I was about to start cleaning out my files. Real files for real paper or the files that my computer needs to have in order for me to keep track of all my correspondence and creative materials.

Either way, I seem to be battling clutter. I want to have an autopilot inside my head that can dictate where all the stuff we accumulate can go.

Get this off my desk!

I’ve discovered that I do have secret powers. I call upon my guides, invisible friends to assist me.

They show up. No clamoring for overtime pay. No pay at all. Just paying attention. Of course a neuro scientist such as the brilliant Dr. Daniel Amen, (Magnificent Mind at Any Age) would say that the words, you let run loose in your head, fueled with emotion, will propel the body to do what you tell it.

So cautionary tale to you all; stop now calling everyone and everything that bothers you a pain in the ass or suffer the consequences of hemorrhoids forever after. From brain function to sphincter health, keep your mind where it matters: in the moment

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